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The Biggest Coloring Book on Amazon?

We’re all about quality, creative coloring books at Under the Cover Press….but sometimes, just sometimes, we decide to go a bit crazy. This month we’ve launched our biggest ever coloring book. 300 BIG, JUMBO, LARGE pages, it’s nearly an inch thick and is ready to make an impact as a great screen-free gift. We’ve taken 3 of our Toddler coloring books (our core alphabet and numbers one, our animals one and our vehicles one) and made one epic compilation.

Why? Just because we could, oh and it saves our greatest fans money (it’s cheaper than buying the three separate books), with the same print quality and design we insist on.

With holiday fun and gift ideas in mind, check out our biggest ever JUMBO coloring book in the shop and on Amazon! It’s a WOW book for sure. I think we need to calm down and get back to the regular size books…

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