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Off We Go!

Well hello there… after 6 months of researching, designing and developing our first books for Under The Cover Press, we’ve finally got a site and blog created.

Those first few books at the end of 2020 have been getting great feedback so we’ve been developing more and more, so 2021 will be a big year for launches.

We’ve also been developing German versions of our most popular books, and we’re delighted to see the first 5 are now live on (plus you can see them in our shop!).

So what’s going to appear on this blog? Well we’re share our latest books as they get released, showcase stuff we love (that we know you’ll love too), we’ll review some product that sits nicely alongside a good coloring book and we’ll give you a sneak peak behind the Mac as we share a bit more about us and what we do. So for now, enjoy the site, have a browse, sign up for some free coloring pages and get your email on our list of VIP’s to share our news with.

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